Product Name :Pacific 339
Price : 975.00
Characteristic  Pac 339
Average Yield (kg/ha at 15 %MC)* 9,777
Maximum Yield (kg/ha at 15% MC)* 13,926
Fresh Harvest (day) 105-110
Dry Harvest (day) 115-120
Plant Height (cm) 211
Ear Height (cm) 113
Flowering Date (day) 54
Husk Cover Very good
Ear Shape Girthy, cylinder
Kernel Type Flint, deep kernel
Kernel Color Orange-yellow
% Shelling 86-87
Root & Stalk System Very good
Disease Resistance Resistant to rust
Insect Resistance Good
Characteristic Very high yield
  Girthy ear
  Very high shelling percentage
  good root and stalk
  stay on green
  Drought tolerance
  Wide adaptability

* Data from yield trials in Pacific research stations in Thailand .

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