About Us / Our People

Management and Human Resources Department

Pacific Seeds’ Management and Human Resources Department is committed to advancing knowledge and capacity as well as welfare and benefits of our employees at all levels. Moreover, Pacific Seeds supports the work of government sector through activities with several local and national agencies. Working under highly effective management team, we focus on health and environmental safety.

Sales and Marketing Department

Pacific Seeds seeks to meet the needs of its customers through developing relevant sales and marketing policy and providing stellar after-sales and customer service. Today, we have expanded our sales areas to cover virtually all areas in the country. Our customers include dealers, private companies, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives, Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Limited (AMC), agricultural cooperatives and government-backed programs. Our marketing policy emphasizes direct support to the farming community by ensuring that the seeds provided are of high quality and that in turn, farmers receive fair prices. In addition, we support farmers with technical and technological knowledge such as good management, effective usage of fertilizers and chemicals which increases productivity and ultimately their income.

Supply Chain Management Department

This Department directly supports Pacific Seeds’ production, under which there are four divisions.

1.Foundation Seed Division is primarily tasked with producing foundation seeds that serve as quality parent seeds for further hybrid seed production.

2.Seed Production Division produces hybrid seeds following the annual sales plan that has been approved by the Board of Directors. Hybrid corn seeds are produced both in the rainy and dry seasons based on marketing plans and as appropriate.

3.Manufacturing Division processes the seeds from Seed Production Division. This division are tasked primarily with production control and engineering. Pacific Seeds is the only company in Southeast Asia that uses the Viapack technology for seed quality improvement. This technology, moreover, allows for seed selection that meets the sizes required by our customers.

4.Quality Assurance Division is responsible for ensuring that each and every process taken whether in the field or in our own factories comply with the stipulated regulations. It is also the responsibility of this division to report any errors or mistakes and suggest appropriate corrections in order to prevent any damage from occurring to our products. In addition, QA Department carries out the genetic and physical purity test, seed germination test, and seed vigor evaluation for all seeds that are stored for an agreed amount of time before being released for delivery. It also reports the results of such tests to inform decisions in further processing these seeds.

Research and Development Department

The R&D Department aims to improve the quality of field crops including hybrid field corn, baby corn, sweet corn, hybrid sorghum, sunflower, and fodder crops We share and exchange knowledge and technology through the global network in which we belong, resulting in rapid improvement of our R&D work. Also under supervision of a team with extensive knowledge and specialization, the R&D Department has continued to be highly successful.