CEO's Message


We are a world class innovative seeds company, whose core belief is enhancing people's lives through sustainable development of our products. Global food security is under threat from climate change, increasing population, declining soil fertility, rising crop disease, growing farm costs, a depleting water table, and soil erosion. We have responded positively to these challenges, and through dynamic innovation, we are providing crop solutions that are both resilient and sustainable.

We strongly believe that by empowering our employees to take responsible ownership of their areas of expertise, and rewarding them appropriately, we encourage their personal development. We engender a sense of fulfillment and well-being which impacts positively on their lives and on our business.

We are a multi-cultural, proactive, and dynamic company, and we are constantly at the forefront of nutritional development innovation.

The benefit to our farmers is an enhanced livelihood through increased crop yields; to our employees a happy and fulfilled life with an excellent standard of living; and to the benefit of our Company is continued and sustainable strong financial performance.

With Advanta - everyone is a winner.